Bumpy T.T. (vocal)

Kongbo Godogo (vocal)

Sooheer (vocal)

Kuky Kamanda (vocal)

Hadi-a Hadi-o (vocal)

Dawn Eyes (vocal)

Omarr (bass)

Azzdeen (guitar)

Jenny Lord (guitar/synth)

Alan Push (synth)

Kâshif Kroch' (percussion/synth)

Tams (sax)

Rich' (drum) (ex member)

Shan (drum) (ex member)

Born in 2008, the band is from the underground local stage of Lyon (South-East France).
The Band is composed by twelve members musicians and singers.
Kâshif Kroch' and Bumpy T.T. were from the very beginning of this band and step by step other members have been added in the group.
The songs are composed and arranged by Kâshif Kroch', Jenny Lord, Push and Omar.
The writters are Kâshif Kroch', Bumpy T.T., Hadi-a Hadi-o and Sooheer.

Their styles are Funk, Boogie, Modern Soul and the main themes of the songs are street life, society troubles, love stories, fun time, parties and music...

They took part to a french funk compilation "Weird Jam Project" (Funkysize Records) with the song "Lost Generation" composed by Jenny Lord and written by Kâshif Kroch' in 2011.

They released their first LP "Dance Or Die" produced by Kâshif Kroch' in their own independant label R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes in 2012 only on vinyl limited press (now sold out).

In 2014 they released a 12'inch on the US west coast label Funk Freaks Records with "Funky Drive'z Me Crazy" (taken from the "Dance Or Die" LP) and a new song in the other side called "Love Guarantee" (tribute to the Colors movie).

At the moment, the band is working on several concerts in France and try to organize an Europe tour. They recording a new project of mini EP "French Kiss Craziness" with three exclusive songs on R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes . At the same time, the band is working on two LP's: one produced by Jenny Lord, Push and Omar, and the other one produced by Kâshif Kroch'.



Anthony Ransome (vocal)

Bones Jones (drum/vocal)

Myron Mattox (RIP) (guitar/vocal)

Anthony Stephens (sax/vocal)

The Ascentions (background vocal)


Grand Slam has been created by Anthony Stephens & Bones Jones and composed with a lead singer Anthony Ransome, three men musicians and three female vocals "The Ascentions". It's the association of Myron Mattox, Anthony Stephens and the manager John Bemmany Jr.
This band performed in a lot of sport events like baseball, basketball (NBA, Chicago Bulls), home games and local clubs.
They never had the opportunity to release records because the band broke up before doing any album or single project.
Grand Slam made an appearance in the movie "The Big Score" with the song "I Gave You Love" starring the actors Fred Williamson, Richard Roundtree and the singer Nancy Wilson.
After a short tour in Canada, the band broke up in 1983.
R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes has released a 7' inch limited press with two songs "False Alarm" & "Shyness" taken from the unreleased archives of Grand Slam. 



James Hendrix aka Henri Brown (bass/keyboard/vocal)
Shauna Rogers (vocal)

Sugar Jones (vocal)

Lou Hoover (drum)

David Welch (drum)

Kat Hendrix (drum)

Brian McLoud (guitar)

Marlon McClain (guitar)

Brett Wade (guitar)

Olaf Deshield (guitar)

Terry Singh (guitar)

Johnny Ferreira (sax)

Pat Robinson (sax)

Dave Pickell (synth)

Keith Harrison (synth)

Wayne Brown (synth)

Graham Coleman (synth)


HB Concept was born thanks to James Hendrix aka Henri Brown (Henri Brown Concept) in the 80's.
They are from Vancouver Canada where they played in many clubs. They released a single called "I Don't Want To Be Alone" & "Gimme Those Drawers" in 1982 on Valentine Records and worked on a song for the compilation "Open Your Heart West Coast Musicians Aid For Africa" with the song "Be Bop Baby".
They recorded many songs but never released and made a video clip for the song "I'm Your Prisoner"... however, they never found a label to broadcast it !
That's why R.$.J.Recordz & Tapes contacted them to make an LP project with the unreleased archives of HB Concept.